A complete custom LMS integrated with YOUR website that does EXACTLY what you need it to do.

Have you ever had those moments of clarity where you’ve FOUND what you’ve been looking for?

Your Fee, Your Money

Unlike most LMS platforms, we don’t take a percentage of your sales. You set the price and you keep the proceeds.

Our server, our responsibility

We’ll ensure 100% uptime all the time. Enjoy 24/7 tech support and personalized assistance.

Our programmers at your disposal

Benefit from a team of developers at a fraction of the cost. Located in New Jersey, our team of programmers will be there to turn your vision into a reality.

LMSed Packages
custom packages always available


Affordable setup fee with monthly rate

-Customized learning portal (Your logo, your colors, your brand, your very own system)
-Free live training for your administrators
-24-7 system support with secure system hosting -Powerful, fully integrated, e-commerce capabilities
-A learner interface that works on all devices
-Easy-to-use course content builder for offering:

  • Live Seminars & Courses 
  • On-Demand Seminars & Courses
  • Self Study Seminars and Courses
  • Customized Assessment Tools such as quizzes and test with interactive feedback for users

-Streamlined registration tools and tracking with cusomized e-mail confirmations
-Pay ZERO transaction fees to LMSed
-Marketing integrations such as "Join-our-Mailing List" functionality and Events Calendar


Affordable setup fee with monthly rate

-Everything from BASIC
-A full company e-learning website featuring whatever you need including, but not limited to:

  • Landing Page(s)
  • Unlimited Course Offering Page(s)
  • Featured Courses Page(s)
  • Company Profile Page(s)
  • Featured Faculty Page(s)
  • Q&A Page(s)

-Easy-to-use course content builder for offering live webinar products/courses
-Robust user tracking and learner assessment surveying tools
-Customized certificates of attendance for continiuing education and employee training 
-User transcript pages for tracking progress
-Contact forms


Affordable setup fee with monthly rate

-Everything from BASIC & PRO
-Customized course packages to offer products such as:

  • Course Bundles
  • Course Series
  • Professional Certification Courses or Prep
  • Advanced Certification Courses or Prep

-Marketing package:

  • Social media development & training
  • Digital Marketing Design
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Tracking and Reporting Services

We haven’t rebuilt the wheel

this is a total comprehensive development that utilizes integrations from the best companies in the world

we are adding new providers all of the time, if you want to work with one in particular, we’ll integrate it!

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