LMSed System Features

LMSed is your one-stop shop for all of your e-learning needs.  We are a hosted, web-based application, that allows organizations to easily manage and track employee training and continuing education.  Our platform, which will integrate seamlessly on already existing websites, focuses on the essentials of the professional continuing education, workplace learning/compliance, and association revenue production.  Unlike plug-and-play LMS systems that don't provide exactly what you need, or overly complex systems that contain excessive features and pricing, LMSed is a system that will be designed around your exact needs and specifications and priced based only on what you actually use.  You won't pay for anything you don't need nor will you ever wish you could have a feature that's not available.  With LMSed, you get to build your very own dream Learning Management System! 

With LMSed, the following capabilities are at your fingertips:

Our system is not only easy to use, but contains fields that only YOU need, with no chance of accidental breakage or removal of vital database fields. After we've met with you internally to decide what fields you need, we'll provide you a system that you can simply 'drill through' to set up content right away.  

Course Formats
Choose seminars, on-demand courses, webinars, and self-studies if that's what you want to offer!
Tests & Quizzes
Create interactive tests and quizzes for detailed assessment of learning outcomes or to verify attendance!
Time Control
Control when your courses are available for purchase, ready for completion, or sold out!
Details & Tracking
Track orders, course completion, and provide users a course history and transcript!
Custom Modifications
Enjoy a custom-built Learning Management System to suit your exact e-learning needs!
Award customized certificates of completion/attendance directly through the dashboard!

Mobile Responsive

Offer courses for your users on mobile devices and tablets, and manage your courses and data with your mobile device or tablet!.

Desktop Computer

Laptop Computer


Mobile Phone

Our LMS is built 100% mobile responsive to ensure proper ranking with Google's search engines.

Integrate with key platforms

New integrations are always welcome! Bring them with you!

we are adding new providers all of the time, if you want to work with one in particular, we’ll integrate it!

Team Support

With LMSed, our world class support team will work tirelessly as an extension of your company.  We understand that your issues need immediate and personal attention and that's exactly how they will be handed.  When you call us with a question or an issue, you will be speaking directly to your own programming team that will help you directly.  We are not a "plug-and-play" software program that leaves you on your own to resolve issues and problems that will inevitably arise!

  • 24/7 support with all technical issues
  • A dedicated website support team backing you up at all times
  • Custom functionality integrated at any time-You need something unique we will create it and impliment it based on your exact user needs and specifications

Our support team is a real website development team located in New Jersey. Always awake, always working!

LMSed is the platform behind ACEP for Professionals, Paralegal Education Group, New Jersey Legal Training Academy, and the Title Academy of New Jersey. These organizations have all experienced success selling their courses with LMSed.

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